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Skin Cancer

Recovering from Mohs Surgery

The final process in your skin cancer journey is healing after Mohs surgery. Dr. Pennie and her team will provide comprehensive instructions about caring for your Mohs surgery wound and preventing complications. Coping with Mohs surgery recovery differs depending on the type of defect repair you have, the size of your tumor, and your body’s healing processes (URMC, n.d.). .

Post-Mohs surgery care

When Dr. Pennie finishes your surgical procedure, the team will apply a pressure dressing to the site to help prevent bleeding and keep the site clean and dry. For the best result, you must adhere to the instructions given to you by Dr. Pennie and her team.

Restrictions include avoiding activity for 48 hours, and vigorous activity or exercise for a week after surgery. Do not drink alcohol for at least 2 days after surgery, and do not smoke; alcohol increases bleeding risks, and smoking decreases wound healing and increases risks of infection (ACMS, n.d.).

When to call Dr. Pennie

Call Dr. Pennie if any of the following occur:

  • Excessive bleeding – bleeding that soaks the bandage completely or drips from the saturated bandage
  • Signs of infection – extreme redness or progressing redness, uncontrolled or worsening pain, pus-type drainage, drainage with a foul odor, severe swelling, chills, temperature > 100.4℉, or nausea and vomiting
  • Dehiscence – a failure of the sutures or wound closure, the site “pops” open
  • Uncontrolled pain – can be managed with over-the-counter analgesics, ice, or prescription medication. Pain that cannot be controlled with medication or worsens instead of improving requires a call to the office.
  • Add something about flaps and grafts.

Coping with healing after Mohs surgery doesn’t have to be difficult. Dr. Pennie has developed evidence-based post-operative instructions to ensure a smooth recovery process. Dr. Pennie is a fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon with superior skills for optimal outcomes. Call us to schedule a consultation today.


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