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Fortunata Calorigero, DBM, LE, CPhT

Licensed Skin Care Specialist

  • DrBM – Doctorate in Botanical Medicine  – NUMSS (National University of Medical Sciences)
  • LME – Licensed Medical Aesthetic Specialist (FB9775841)
  • CPhT – Certified in Pharmacy Technology for Clinical Dermatological & Cosmeceutical Compounding  – American College of Apothecaries (TN, USA) and Advanced Organic Skincare Science (UK).
  • AIT/TPI  – Certified in Acupuncture Injection Therapy/Trigger Point of InJection – AIME (Advanced Integrative Medical Education) – FL, USA.

Provider Services

  • Aesthetic Dermatology & Corrective Skincare
  • Adaptive Aesthetics with Botanical Extracts
  • Custom Regimen for home-based Skincare

Fortunata is a Practitioner of Aesthetic Wellbeing, specialized in Corrective Skincare, Bio-Puncture Therapy, Bio-Cosmeceutical Science & Compounding.

“Current practices follow a general ‘standard of care’, assuming that each patient is the same as the next. But I deliver and believe in a model of care based on the fact that each individual is biochemically unique. There’s an authentic need for an individualized approach, because the truth is that one size does not fit all.”

Fortunata performs skin care treatments using her knowledge in skin biology, physiology, and bio-cosmeceutical chemistry. The focus is placed on the underlying root cause leading to aesthetic imperfections, and each protocol is adapted to the specific needs of the customer in care. The treatments allow the customer to achieve visible, immediate, and long-lasting beauty results.

She delivers a model of care centered on:

  • Personalized Corrective Skin Care Treatments.
  • Adaptive Aesthetics with natural and botanical extracts.
  • Recommended Plant-based Supplements Intake.
  • Bio-Cosmeceuticals for your beauty routine at home.

The protocols are backed by science and evidence-based for every treatment, therapy, and regimen. No need to undergo painful and invasive surgical practices to achieve this ultimate goal and everything is set in a way that adapts to your daily living, with either bi-weekly or monthly follow-up sessions.

Fortunata did her studies in Europe, following her B.A. and MsBusPharm in 2012, she collectively has 14 years of education in the healthcare industry, including Anti-Ageing, Medicinal Herbs, and a Doctorate in Botanical Medicine. She traveled worldwide to train with aesthetic experts (Europe, Russia, Hong Kong, Argentina, US and more…) and her abstract “Functional Clinical Aesthetics – one size does not fit all!” has been featured at the AWMC Aesthetic Medicine Awards 2022 for originality, innovative and effective treatments.

With a passion in biological sciences, she is currently learning more about biotechnology and its insights on applied genetics related to the role of telomeres in the anti-aging process…the secret of the “eternal youth”.

Fortunata has been traveling since 2011 all over the United States, Puerto Rico, South America, Europe, Russia and Hong Kong, presenting, educating, and training students and licensed professionals in aesthetic wellbeing and bio-cosmeceutical compounding.

She is also fluent in Spanish, Italian and French.

In addition to her healthcare profile, she is also an entrepreneur and a consultant, with a background in management, communication, and marketing.

Fortunata is a creative, she loves experimenting with botanicals for skincare and has a passion for writing. She enjoys traveling, attending arts & crafts fairs and outdoors activities such as fishing and cycling.

Author of the Functional Clinical Aesthetics™ Model. Indy Publisher of the namesake book Functional Clinical Aesthetics™ and Estética Clínica Funcional™ (spanish version). Inventor of the Oxypin™ – Oxygenated Micro-Mesotherapy. CEO, Founder and Proud Owner of Elixheal® Skincare

Proud Member of:

  • SCC (Society of Cosmetic Chemists – FL Chapter)
  • ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) NWU (National Writers Union)
  • OWIT (Organization of Women in International Trade)
  • NNA (National Notary Association)

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